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6MP HD 360-degree/hemispheric fisheye camera

6MP HD 360-degree/hemispheric fisheye camera

6.0MP High Definition

•Low-Light, Virtual PTZ


•1.27mm Fixed Lens

•360° Panoramic View

•Multiple Viewing Modes

•IR up to 33ft


•DC 12V, PoE

1/1.8” sensor, 6MP High Definition (3072 x 2048), 360° View Angle, Multiple Viewing Modes, Multiple ePTZ Streams with Preset and Patrol Functions, IR up to 33ft, View in Fisheye, Panoramic, Split 180°, and 4/PTZ

 360-degree/hemispheric fisheye cameras are idea for covering large open areas, this camera is great for indoor applications such as healthcare facilities, Senior Housing, Entertainment venues, Business lobbies and more… some applications, one 360-degree camera can view an area that previously required four to eight cameras.

$849.95 $629.95